Artist Statement: Color, value, range and negative space tend to promote the direction of the art in its infant state.

Jazz Art

Jazz Art germinates its visual message using the same principles as would be employed by its audible twin. Jazz Art, like Jazz Music, requires a state of awareness in the use of line rendered in elements of color, alignment of space, texture, and tonal quality.

Jazz Art uses amplified rhythms of pattern, modulating measures of negative and positive space. The tonal qualities are transmitted through hues of color, often interrupted by a cadence of static burst to keep the visual movement active.

In Jazz Art, the subject matter may give host to a metamorphic motif within the visual composition where formal or informal balance still rules the nature of the order.

I see sound as I create Jazz Art. The art that I compose is music for the eyes, be it loud or soft, with or without aesthetic properties.

Welcome to Saturn Art Productions

Welcome to Saturn Art Productions web page. This site is an exclusive link to viewing the world of artwork done by artist Sandi Turner.

Sandi Turner has been involved in making art or teaching art for the past 30 years. Sandi started by drawing sketches of friends. Later, enrollment into a formal academic art program provided the fuel which continues to expand to this date.

A wide range of motifs and medium are applied to compliment the subjects and mission of the artist.

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